Our Vision Statement

We are a vibrant Christian Church which exists to give glory to God in Jesus Christ. Also a diverse community of individuals, each actively seeking to make Christ’s example of God’s love for every person real in our world through service, study, worship and giving. We see ourselves as a center for Christian renewal in the lives of individuals, families and congregation.

Our Value Statement

RCCG ~ Chief Cornerstone Assembly (CCA), is popularly known as an “Assembly of Testimonies”. We identify with Open Heavens, High Praise, also a place of notable miracles, a venue of signs and wonders. It’s an assembly of life and destiny transformation, a house of fervent and effectual prayers. We believe Faith in Jesus Christ, we have a deep passion for the Gospel, we show respect to everyone, and we are fully committed to serving our community in all capacities.

Also, you can become a worker in the church, if you decide to use your God-given talents to promote His work. Some of the available departments in the church are ushering, IT, choir, evangelism, follow-up, transport, prayers, etc.

RCCG Mission and Vision

i. To make heaven.

ii. To take as many people with us.

iii. To have a member of RCCG in every family of all nations.

iv. To accomplish No. 1 above, holiness will be our lifestyle.

v. To accomplish No. 2 and 3 above, we will plant churches within five minutes walking distance in every city and town of developing countries and within five minutes driving distance in every city and town of developed countries.

vi. We will pursue these objectives until every Nation in the world is reached for the Lord Jesus Christ

Our Vision

To build a place where those who are hurting, the depressed, and the confused, can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness and encouragement.
To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people who work and reside in Upper Marlboro MD and its environs, irrespective of their race or nationalities.
To teach Holiness and develop Christians to spiritual maturity through Bible Studies, House fellowships, seminars and other programmes.
To equip every believer for a significant ministry by helping them discover, develop and deploy the gifts and talents God has given them.
To support and care for the elderly, distressed families, children and young people, as part of community outreach project.

Inviting People Into
a Life That Matters.

Every Sunday 10am - 12pm

Our Services